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Connect to Your Followers Flawlessly, allow them to ask you Questions, Answer them on Your Time and don't let any of your Followers Feel Ignored, also do Live Streams and Earn Money!

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Here is the list of all the Celebrities using Mr. QnA and who keep their Profile as Public!

Name: Utsav Barnwal
Business Name: IsolPro
Working Platform: YouTube


Name: Vaibhav Barnwal
Business Name: Invisible Ink
Working Platform: Instagram

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Organise a Standard and easy-to-interact QnA and help you and your Followers to Communicate with each other more easily and quickly.
To Organise a QnA, you must have a Celebrity Account which is free to Create, simply click on the button below and Start Creating your Brand New Account.
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What is Mr. QnA?

Mr. QnA is a Socail Platform that takes way all the big and small problems faced by both Celebrities and their Followers while Communicating to each other. Mr. QnA provides a Clean and User Friendly Interface for both Asking & Answering Question.

Here, celebrities create their account and receive a Unique Identity Number (UIN) and instead of any Mobile No., E-mails or Text Messangers, their Followers send Questions to their UIN and this Mask help Celebrities maintain their Privacy while connecting to a huge population (to their followers). They can choose if they want to Keep their Profile Limited (only those with UIN can find) or Public (anybody can find).

The Celebrity Account is always Verified so Followers can be sure that they are Talking to Right Person. Whenever any Follower send any Question on UIN, he/she receive a Unique Question Number (UQN) which can be used to track the status of their Question. Celebrities can select the range of UQN they will be answering at that particular time and the rest of the Questions are saved for later Consideration. Followers don't need to make any account but can provide their E-mail and Mobile No. if they Want and if these Credentials are available, they will receive Real-time Notifications about their Questions.

Salient Features :-
  1. For Celebrities :-
  2. No Search for Hastags
  3. Clean & Easy to Interact Interface
  4. Privacy Protection
  5. Video Friendly Interface (i.e. it can be directly streamed online)
  6. Get Timely Reminders for Answering Questions
  7. Public Accounts brings Newer Followers
  8. Choose Question Range to Answer
  10. For Followers :-
  11. Clean & Easy to Interact Interface
  12. Verified Celebrities
  13. No Need to Create any Account
  14. Mobile No. or E-mail can be Provided
  15. Privacy Protection
  16. Answers are Automatically Sent (if contact credentials provided)
  17. Get Notified when your Question has been Answered

How to Use Mr. QnA

Watch the following Videos and Find Out How to Use Mr. QnA and Get Most Out of it!
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